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Willie D Explains Tension with Bushwick Bill & Geto Boys

willie d bushwick bill scarface

Willie D is a legendary rapper that represented the Geto Boys and help put the south on the map. He recently sat down with VladTV to discuss the issues that led to him and Bushwick Bill’s tension that made him not attend Bushwick Bill’s funeral. The iconic rapper passed away last month after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February.

The interview had a revelation that some fans didn’t know and that was Willie D and Bushwick Bill weren’t fond of each other. Willie believed that situation would cause him appearing at the funeral to be inauthentic

“When somebody has a funeral man, it’s like this — I feel like it’s disingenuous for somebody to come to your funeral who you don’t like,” he explains. “Bill didn’t like me. I ain’t like Bill, you know what I’m saying? That’s the truth. This ain’t no phony shit. I know that everybody want to do some politically correct shit and all that, but that’s the truth, bro.

“The truth is the truth. I know that if Bill had his choice, Bill probably see me walk up and be like, ‘Get that muthafucka outta here.’ That’s how I feel. The energy is not right, bro. And I don’t need nobody looking upside my head and shit like I did something wrong, like I fuckin’ caused him to die. Nah, I don’t think that I would be welcomed.”

Willie D also spoke about the time Bushwick Bill pulled a gun on him. Willie D talked about the first time they met and the contentiousness that was present between them leading into a second encounter where Bill was booing Willie D during a performance. Bushwick Bill’s removing himself from the group was also discussed below. He speaks about getting along with the other member Scarface of the group.