Willie D & Others Call Out Tiger Woods For Release Statement Concerning George Floyd


Tiger Woods released a statement last week Monday calling the death of George Floyd a “shocking tragedy” and urging for peaceful protests. The golf legend is one of many sports icons who have spoken out”My heart goes out to George Floyd, his loved ones and all of us who are hurting right now,” a statement posted to Woods’ official Twitter account said. “I have always had the utmost respect for our law enforcement. They train so diligently to understand how, when and where to use force. This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that line.”

The death of George Floyd has brought the world together against police injustice like no other time in history. The protests have been continuing all of last week since Woods put out the statement. However, there are some who have not taken Woods seriously due to his past beliefs on race. One of those people is Willie D from the iconic hip hop group “The Geto Boys”.