Willie D Talks About Geto Boys & Music Industry Politics

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

In the 1990’s the rap scene had many politically charged hip hop artists that spoke out against the system such as Public Enemy and Ice Cube. In the south, The Geto Boys, led the way for their region.

Scarface recently denied wanting to be apart of the Verzuz battle. His rap partner Willie D, recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The artist revealed some of the issues he faced by companies during their start in the business.

“That was the Geto Boys self-titled album. That was ‘92, that was the Rick Rubin remake. The funny thing was that, well it wasn’t funny at the time but– well it still ain’t funny. You know Geffen Records, David Geffen, he decided that he was not going to distribute our music, but he was cool with distributing Andrew Dice Clay and Guns N Roses. And you know what type of music these guys were doing at that time we’re talking about 1990. So of course man we was like yeah this is censorship and we know why. Wink, wink. You know? We know! That’s why we came with the We Can’t Be Stopped album.”

He would continue, to explain more about the controversy of The Geto Boys and more.

“And that was done like totally spontaneously. We didn’t– It was totally unplanned because we had finished the album and then Bushwick gets shot and this would happen a lot with Bushwick Bill. Like, Bill could get a job done, if he had something he had to do he’d get it done, but then after he’d get it done you know something just starts going on. Stuff just starts happening. We finished the album and get a call “Bill got shot!” Go up to the hospital and immediately in my mind you know this is my cowboy western days mind you– I’m thinking revenge like I don’t care who shot him I’m like let’s get em! So I get to the hospital and I go into the room– Bill is there he’s kinda dazed but he’s conscious and he’s like “Will, don’t hurt her. I made her do it.” So that was that, you know I checked on him, he was good. He was gonna survive, you know he lost his eye, but he was gonna survive.”

Check out the interview below.