Will Smith made an apology to Chris Rock through a video recently. Now the daughter of the legendary actor/rapper has broken her silence on the situation.  The icon of the “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,” took a hurting with his image when he infamously slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars stage earlier this year, and after issuing apologies and being disciplined by the Academy, Smith laid low and stayed out of the limelight.Following his reiterated apology in his most recent clip, his daughter Willow Smith seemingly touched on the scandal during her interview with Billboard.

red table talk

Willow officially announced the September arrival of her next album <COPINGMECHANISM>, and as she begins press rollouts for the record, she spoke with the outlet about the project.

“I wanted to go for rock. I didn’t want to go for pop punk. I didn’t want to go for what’s necessarily popular right now,” Smith revealed. “I wanted to go for the heart of rock music, which to me is a deep outcry — maybe about pain, maybe about joy.”

Willow also said that the backlash that her family received from the public didn’t “rock me as much as my own internal demons.”