Wisconsin Politician Glenn Grothman Says Cardi B Causing Complaints To Government

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The world of hip hop has seen its fair of backlash from media, society, and even the government over the years which continues til this day with Cardi B.

Cardi B’s heavily sexual suggestive content in terms of music and visuals are a throwback to the hey day of rap groups such as 2 Live Crew. The leader of that iconic hip hop group, Uncle Luke, fought against the government to have their music distributed with the rating sticker labeled on the product.

Their victory was not just for hip hop, but for music overall as freedom of speech reached new levels for artists. However, gangsta rap by Snoop Dogg and Tupac in the early 90’s still caused a stir with politicians for their street rap.

Some of today’s hip hop make 2 Live Crew seem tame in comparison. Lil Nas X caused plenty of concern with his visuals for the song Monterero a few weeks ago due to his connection to Satan imagery. Some of society is also up in arms over Kamala Harris co-signing Cardi B. The popular rap star was discussed during a government proceeding by Wisconsin’s Glenn Grothman says people are calling his office about Cardi B.

The always vocal Cardi B put the situation into perspective believing there are better things that should be getting attention by the government such as the recent police shootings that has murdered some of its citizens such as Mahkia Bryant and Daunte Wright.