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Woody McClain aka Cain In ‘Power’ Goes Off Over Bobby Brown

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bobby brown storybobby brown story

One thing actors fear in their career is being typecast due to a famous role they portrayed. Gary Coleman who passed away a few years ago hated that fans would come up to him and ask him to do his “What ya talking about Willis” line he was famous for as a little child.

Tisha Campbell who became a mother and wife on the show “My Wife and Kids” once told a story about how she was typecast as Gina from Martin and had to pretend to be someone else to get the role on Damon Wayans classic sitcom during the audition.

It seems Woody McClain is an actor who also dislikes being typecast.

McClain is most known for starring as Bobby Brown in the Bobby Brown and New Edition Story. He also played a role in BET Tale’s and is currently playing the role of Cain in Power Book II: Ghost.

A fan commented under his picture and said when they look at him, they are always reminded of the Bobby Brown character he played. McClain clapped back at the fan and warned they better learn to unsee Bobby or else they getting blocked! Take a look: