Woody McClain Talks Starring in Bobby Brown Story

Why & Why Bobby Brown Exposed Janet Jackson Relationship

Woody McClain reprises his role as the 80’s R & B icon Bobby Brown. He speaks with various outlets on the BET Networks special “The Bobby Brown” Story.

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Woody McClain impressed Hollywood and BET with his re-enactment of Bobby Brown that he was brought back to play the one time “Bad Boy” of R&B.  The first night saw some explosive scenes such as Bobby Brown seeing his childhood friend die on the ball court in his neighborhood.

The biggest scandal that came out was Janet Jackson dating Bobby Brown on the side, while she was with her fiance Rene Elizondo Jr., who was her backup dancer at one point. The break up of Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson was over according to Brown due to the Jackson family have a rule that their daughter couldn’t marry someone dark skin and from the ghetto.


BET Networks so far has received good feedback about the biopic of Bobby Brown’s life. Night 2 continues tonight and is sure to have more exciting scenes that will be the water cooler talk the next day.

The interview would take a turn when Charlamagne tried to hook up the star of the Bobby Brown Story with one of the workers at The Breakfast Club. McClain himself admitted he had no vices such as alcoholism and has never done drugs.