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Worldwide Entertainment TV From The Ground Up with Herb Middleton

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(WWETV Network) Worldwide Entertainment TV is proud to announce Herb Middleton‘s From The Ground Up Reality Series on streaming service Vu-Me that will entail WWETV’s come up in the entertainment world as a viable urban media outlet.

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Herb Middleton will give you a behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry from his trials and tribulations in the business. He also wants to highlight the triumphs of being in the tough as nails music business.

Who would know better than the man who helped to co-produced on one of hip hop’s most hardcore rappers in history such as Biggie Smalls? The single with Total entitled “Can’t You See” has the fingerprints of Herb Middleton over its production.

Biggie & Total 

His hits don’t stop with the “King of New York”, but is only the cream of the crop as he also worked with the “Queen Of Hip Hop Soul” Mary J. Blige. The young and upcoming version of the icon when she first made her mark on the industry. He worked with Mary J. Blige on her debut album “What’s The 411”? 

Herb Middleton has worked with other royalty in the music industry such as “The King Of R & B” Bobby Brown and Usher.

Bobby King Of R & B Debate

The soulful sound of Herb Middleton was embraced by hip hop legend Nas for a tribute song to his daughter Destiny on the “Streets Disciple” double album. 

Nas Production with Herb Middleton 

Also in this series you will see the comeback of En Vogue member Maxine Jones. The icon is also definitely a “Queen of R & B” that has given the world classic music from the legendary 90’s era and entertained fans on sitcoms like Roc and A Different World.

En Vogue on Roc 

En Vogue on A Different World

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The series will also have up and coming artists who are looking to make their mark on the game. We will see behind the scenes of 8 Ball Entertainment as their artists take their passion to become the new legends in the music industry. 

Worldwide Entertainment TV personalities will also give their stories in the entertainment business and describe their journey. You will see what the hosts of WWETV have gone through to bring you the best interviews and entertainment events from around the world. 

Follow Ms. Goldi below and stay tuned for her Sucker Free Saturday radio show each week. More details on her participation coming soon.

Also Check Out WWETV Host Brooklyn as she will also represent Worldwide Entertainment TV in this reality tv series. Stay tuned for more announcements about this programming that will be available on video streaming service VU-ME.