WrestleMania Main Event 1ST Ever in WWE

WrestleMania is the premiere event in sports entertainment. It is the showcase that rooted the seeds for the then World Wrestling Federation to become a global sports and entertainment empire. It was back in 1985 that Hulk Hogan teamed up with celebrity Mr. T (both men played roles in the cult classic film Rocky III) to take on the now deceased “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff.

Mr. T – Cyndi Lauper – Hulk Hogan

 Historians of major sports scribes even recognize the significance of the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” icon who first helped to generate buzz for the first WrestleMania. The pop star Cyndi Laupher was involved in the chicanery with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper that set the stage for Hulk Hogan and Mr. T to save the singer. Cyndi Lauper even made a music video with wrestler/manager Captain Lou Albino who played her father in the visuals. Maybe this is the year that Cyndi Lauper gets into the WWE Hall Of Fame. 

So it is only fitting that the now WWE has announced the first ever women’s title match to headline the “showcase of the immortals”. The WWE will present the daughter of one of the greatest pro wrestlers in history in Ric Flair. His offspring Charlotte Flair is known for her top notch athletics and she will be pitted against former UFC badass Ronda Rousey. The hottest star in the game for either men or women is Becky Lynch and the WWE has the smack talking star in the match as well making it a triple threat. 

World Wrestling Entertainment has put out a press release regarding the historic moment in sports entertainment:

For the first time in WWE history, a women’s match will be the main event of WrestleMania as the Raw Women’s Championship Match featuring Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch will take place on Sunday, April 7, in front of a capacity crowd at MetLife Stadium and streaming live on WWE Network around the world.

Ronda Rousey is the current Raw Women’s Champion, Olympic medalist, the first female UFC Champion and the first woman to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. She is also an actress and New York Times bestselling author. Charlotte Flair is a seven-time Champion in WWE, a former Division 1 volleyball player, philanthropist and author. She is the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Becky Lynch is the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble winner, a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and was named Wrestler of the Year by both Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports in 2018. She was also the first woman ever to top ESPN’s WWE Power Rankings.

At WrestleMania 32 in 2016, WWE re-branded the Divas Division the Women’s Division and unveiled a new Women’s Championship title. Since that time, the women’s evolution has placed a greater spotlight on WWE’s female Superstars, including more prominent storylines and deeper character development that showcases their athleticism, charisma and star power.

Last October, WWE held it’s first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view event, Evolution, in front of a sold-crowd and millions more watching on WWE Network.