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WWE Faces New Challenge with AEW on TNT This Fall


The 1990’s saw perhaps the greatest television show rivalry in history. The popularity of the WWF now known as WWE in the 1980’s made the company a household name. The 1990’s saw many of its top stars invade the rival WCW or in actuality Ted Turner raid the WWF by getting Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash(Diesel), Ted Dibiase (Million Dollar Man), Scott Hall (Razor Ramone). What ended up transpiring was Vince Mcmahon finally getting competition that was surpassing his WWE in ratings and attendance especially in late 1996.

It became to be known as the legendary “Monday Night War” and Vince Mcmahon ended up the winner due to the rise of new stars such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). The WWE have ruled the roost since the spring of 2001 without any competitor that had the strength in terms of talent roster or money of WCW, but now a new player has hit town in All Elite Wrestling, more commonly referred to simply as AEW.

The company has former WWE superstars such as the son of legendary pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose(now known as Jon Moxley). For fans and wrestlers that are disgruntled with the monopoly that Vince Mcmahon has, AEW is planning to give an alternative for employment and entertainment needs. It will make it’s TNT debut on Wednesday, October 2, just two days before WWE’s first SmackDown Live show on Fox. The company is airing on the former network that WCW use to provide viewers entertainment that competed with Vince Mcmahon’s company.

The inaugural AEW-TNT broadcast, starting at 8pm ET, will take place at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. Ticket pricing and an on-sale date for the event will be announced at noon on July 29 via AEW’s social media accounts.

AEW plans on bringing a fresh approach to the pro wrestling industry by introducing more of a sporting presentation that will focus on the athletes and their win-loss records. WWETV writer, The Venom, asked the question of whether or the end of Vince Mcmahon’s vision of sports entertainment is coming to an end? This announcement by All Elite Wrestling, now reinforces the attitude change in presentation that Fox Sports wants the WWE to entail for its Smackdown league.

“Focused on fast-paced, high-impact competitions, AEW offers fans more athleticism along with real sports analytics. Wrestlers are also given freedom to explore their characters and highlight their athletic abilities. Introducing statistics to wrestling for the first time ever, AEW will raise the stakes for its matches and deepen fan engagement by tracking each competitor’s wins and losses as wrestlers pursue championships. Their moves and damage to their opponents will also be analyzed on-air to provide insights into their winning streaks.”

There is talk that the WWE’s popular development league, NXT, will be used as a competitor to AEW as well. Fox allegedly wants the program to air head to head on FS1 against All Elite Wrestling. SmackDown will be part of the Fox sports block every Thursday to Sunday in the fall, the network reportedly wants WWE to be promoted as a legitimate sport to capitalize on Fox Sports’ massive sporting television empire.