Griselda is known for being a fan of the iconic wrestling organization, WWE, but they don’t have fandom for his use of their work with  Westside Gunn. The rapper has reportedly been at odds with the famed wrestling corporation for months, dating back to October when WWE announcer Greg Hamilton publicly called out the Griselda icon on Instagram in a post that has since been deleted. Hamilton took issue with Gunn using his voice on his tracks.

The WWE employee  wrote, “Well @westsidegunn @buffalokidsgallery let’s hope that since you STOLE my voice for your incoherent kindergarten fables…that you saved up enough delivering for Door Dash,” wrote an irate Hamilton.

He added, “You’ll be paying me for years….apologize and I’ll think about not collecting every dime for the rest of your life….or I can just get WWE lawyers….that’s ok too. Settle with my lawyer. And don’t EVER use my voice again….so wrong.” It looks as if Hamilton may be making good on his promise because over on the Griselda Records’ Instagram Story, they shared a screenshot that shows several YouTube videos have been removed.

“Due to a copyright takedown notice that we received, we had to take down the following videos from YouTube,” the note read before listing off the videos. It included, “Takedown issued by: WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC.” Over the image, someone wrote, “Retroactive copyright claims why!?! @WWE.”

We’re not sure how far this will go, but it’s a hard hit for the Buffalo collective.