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WWE’s Jeff Hardy Arrested for Public Intoxication

Jeff Hardy of the WWE’s tag team, The Hardy Boys, has reportedly been arrested for public intoxication. Saturday morning the former WWE Champion was detained at a South Carolina hotel. According to law enforcement, the 41-year -old was arrested “without incident” late in the morning around 11:15 and was soon released on a less than $200 bond.

In 2018, Hardy was charged due to being three times above the legal limit for blood alcohol of 0.25. It was discovered after crashing his car in North Carolina.

Jeff Hardy’s issues with intoxication go back to the year 2008. He was barred from boarding a plane in Nashville due to alleged intoxication though he was not arrested. The next year he was arrested after law enforcement conducted a search in his home, booking him for drug-related charges. The result was a guilty plea, 10 days in jail, 30-day probation and a $100,000 fine.

WWE released a statement concerning the WWE superstar to that  “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.” Hardy is still expected to return to the WWE ring soon after undergoing knee surgery back in May.