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WWETV 6IX Host Brooklyn – Hope In The 6ix


(WWETV Network) On this episode of Hope in The 6ix we have WWETV Toronto Tea Talk Show host Brooklyn who is also a youth advocate dedicated to uplifting and inspiring youth by building character & positive thinking. Through her concerns of the well being of people from her community and throughout Toronto she decided to go further in addressing a more complex issue.

“Dear Black Men” is a call for black male heroes from their communities to take action in rebuilding the values and reducing crime and other issues that we are facing internally within the black community. Brooklyn will discuss her call to action and why she believes black men taking a stand are the determining factor to bring about the necessary change in the Black communities of Toronto.

She will share her stories of struggles losing a close family member, watching people die in her community and leading a march in Queens park called Enough is Enough with the support of other community members and organizations. She is determined to see things turn around in the Black community. She as well as all of those who are affected by violence want to see an end of the senseless killings. We want it to be replaced by love, peace unity and economic development.

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