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Xentury Sam & Chromazz Go At It Online After Chrome Raid

chromazz xentury sam
Chormazz vs Xentury Sam

(WWETV Network) Toronto’s Chromazz has been the talk of her city recently from women to men especially after taking a photo with none other than Drake. There is a split reaction on how she supposedly represents the music scene for Toronto females according to some critics. Chromazz was called out by Brooklyn for an interview and the two women had a little back and forth on Instagram.

Things seemed to have settled down to there being no more interaction or eventual interview as the two women couldn’t come to resolution. Brooklyn then proceeded to announce a new co-host by the name Xentury Sam and her first interview conducted on Brooklyn’s Talk was Brooklyn herself about why she called out Chromazz in the manner she did.

Chromazz proceeded to drop visuals for her new single “Chrome Raid” and used an excerpt from the interview. Xentury Sam caught wind of the intro and responded to Chromazz on Instagram.

Chromazz then made a response to Xentury Sam on her Instagram stories leaving a message of “Are You Dumb”? & “This Is What We Needed”. Xentury then responded by asking Chromazz by saying she spoke her truth and if she knew what her next move will be.

….@chromazz.chromin with @xenturysam ur girl yes me doing what i do speaking my truth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ON LOUD BABY #MERRR i like like …..its quite yummy big up the engineer ….now i need u to comment what my next move is

WorldWide Entertainment TV Instagram has been bombarded with DM about Brooklyn’s reaction to all of this. She is currently on a trip to Jamaica, but before she left she hit up the studio with Xentury Sam for a collaboration.

As for Brooklyn, her next interview release will be with female rapper Shanny Glow. During the interview, the battle rapper revealed that she had made a challenge to Chromazz to go bar for bar. Chromazz has not taken up the challenge as of yet.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Brooklyn’s Instagram as she is visiting her father for his birthday in Jamaica. The traveling host will indeed give us some Tea Talk, while she is in the hot sun and residing with the people of Jamaica. Who knows who she may bump into and get an interview from?