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Xinhua News Reports Case Of Bubonic Plague in China

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As if the year 2020 has not taken an insurmountable toll on the citizens on planet earth with the covid-19 pandemic. Now reports are coming in from China of the very deadly bubonic plague via Chinese news agency.

For those who know history, Bubonic plague is the most fatal pandemic in human history. It was responsible for the Black Death, a period in the mid-1300s when half of Europe’s population fell ill and died.

A citywide Level 3 warning was issued on Sunday. The warning is expected to be in place until the end of 2020.   The case was discovered in Bayannur, a city located northwest of Beijing.  Authorities and health officials in the China’s Inner Mongolia region are on high alert as a result of the case, with a hospital alerting local authorities of the case on Saturday.