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Yassie Exclusive – Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Ep. 15

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive - Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast

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Yassie’s artistic endeavors were borne out of tragedy; her mother passed away from bone cancer when Yassie was just 13. Out of that traumatic experience, the songstress was determined to make her work a tribute to her mother’s legacy and encouragement. Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 15 below.

Today, whenever Yassie performs, records, or releases a new song or album, it’s always with the thought that her mom would be proud of the vibrant, gifted woman Yassie has become. During the interview she gives details about the sound of her city of Nashville. We find out which artists she would love to collaborate with and her top five artists of all-time.
She wants people to know she is a people’s person and cares about her listeners.  Yassie partnered with her local Olive Garden to give two women who are currently battling Cancer, a beautiful dinner.  Although, due to their health they weren’t able to make the visit to Olive Garden yesterday, they were gifted with Olive Garden Gift cards by Yassie, who spent the day with the ladies and their loved ones. 
Her latest evocative single, Prove It, which has risen to #110 of the Digital Radio Tracker’s (DRT) Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart,  it reminds couples all over the world, to not just say “I Love You”, but “Prove It”.

This important milestone has established Yassie as an exciting new artist to watch. The single, “Prove It”, is being played on stations in cities across the country (and overseas in the UK), including 100.3 R&B (Raleigh, NC), 93.9 The Dream (Las Vegas), Choice 107 (Columbia, SC). Dominion Global Radio (Houston, TX) Easy RandB (London, England), Jammin 103.9 (Little Rock, AR), Love 101 (Indianapolis, IN), Magic 93.3 (Denver, CO) Majic 102.3 (Dallas, TX), Pure Sounds Radio (Chicago, IL), Quiet Storm 95.7 (Savannah, GA), and Z102 (Columbus, GA), bringing Yassie’s mellifluous voice to new audiences everywhere!


“Prove It” is part of the new EP Care, which is currently available on all major streaming platforms such as ITUNES. The single, which anchors the album, was released on January 2, to great fanbase acclaim. You can watch the official Prove it music video.