YBN Almighty Jay’s Alleged Attackers Show Stolen Chain In Music Video

zae numbafive

Hip hop artist YBN Almighty Jay was brutalized this past weekend which ended up causing him to lose his chain. The rapper was jumped in New York City. No reports have come out that could give any idea what the motive for this incident was. The beating was severe enough for J Prince to intervene. The Rap-A-Lot figurehead called many of his New York associates to help out with the situation. No one has publicly helped as of yet, but the chain apparently has appeared in an upcoming music video.

On the surface it could be concluded that the chain is meant to send a message out to YBN Almighty Jay and possibly J Prince as well.

Zae’s “Traumatized” video dropped on Monday night (March 11), but TMZ reports he denies having anything to do with it.