Kanye West went back to his roots that everyone first admired him for on Wednesday, which is being an artist who raps and produces.

Jumping on social media, he avoided another one of his tweets by dropping a song that referenced his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and ex girlfriend Juliana Nalú, his antisemitism, and more. This is the first time West has made music in many months. His focus lately has been about praising Hitler in an interview on  InfoWars. It heavily samples Donny Hathaway’s 1973 song “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”

“Waking up to / I can’t do this anymore text / And The Bible said / I can’t have anymore sex / Till marriage / And no drip till Paris / And the meek shall flurish,” he raps on the song. West has since deleted the post.

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West goes on: ”And everyone’s a Karen / When they claim they care and / Wasn’t given a fair hand / Getting calls from parents / God calls for prayer rants.”

“I ain’t never rock with none of y’all no way / I’m pulling up in that white OJ,” he continues. “And the watch filled up with Oshays / that’s Jackson cause it’s nasty / Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three / Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three.”

Elsewhere, West references the women in his life, including Kim Kardashian and Juliana Nalú, leaving him over the “headlines.”

The song ends with a clip of West’s interview with Alex Jones playing. During the interview, Ye mentioned liking Adolf Hitler.

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Via Juliana Nalú Instagram

The father of Kim Kardashian’s children had the song removed from his Instagram account. The song has been heard on Alex Jones InfoWar broadcast however. Despite Jones distancing himself from the controversial former billionaire after he appeared on an interview with Steven Crowder.

“There is this Hitler fetish. And no, I’m not into dudes in fancy peacock military uniforms that, by the way, got 22 million Germans killed,” Jones said. “Hitler was horrible, screw Hitler, burn in hell Hitler.”

Speaking of Kanye in particular, Jones remarked, “I don’t think he’s mentally ill — I think he’s enjoying himself.“

Jones also labeled Fuentes “baby Hitler” and a “Nazi lover.”

Check out Kanye West’s new music here. The song is not available on Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal.