YNW Melly’s Mom Says She Was Threatened With A Gun!

ynw melly

YNW Melly, real name is Jamell Demons, who is in jail with YNW Cortlen at the moment  in Miramar faces accusations in connection to the double murder of YNW Juvy and YNW SakChaser. Melly continues to proclaim his innocence as a message on Instagram double downed that he didn’t commit the alleged crime. Melly is currently in jail alongside YNW Cortlen who is considered another person of interest in the alleged murder.

Melly’s mom has gone online to talk about how SakChaser allegedly threatened her with a gun. Melly’s mom then goes on to say that SakChaser is “not about that life” and even questions his street credentials, saying that he’s never robbed or shot at anybody.

The video was posted on March 6th. Meanwhile the court proceedings are awaiting to be heard between YNW Melly and SakChaser.