Young Buck Arrested Following Domestic Incident With GF

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young buck

She reportedly called the police after he allegedly kicked at her front door and damaged her vehicle.

It looks as if Young Buck is facing a new set of legal issues now that reports out of Nashville stated that the rapper was arrested this morning (February 2). The former G-Unit artist has been the subject of several reports recently related to his alleged financial troubles as outlets have shared stories about Buck’s bankruptcy. This time around, the Tennessean reported that Buck was arrested following an alleged incident that occurred at his girlfriend’s residence in Nashville.

The outlet stated that police dispatch was alerted to an altercation involving a domestic disturbance and when they arrived, a woman told them that her boyfriend damaged her property.

She reportedly told police that Buck texted her to say he was on his way to her home and when he arrived, she didn’t open the door for him. So, in turn, the rapper allegedly began kicking at her front door. She said she waited until he left the property before she went outside and it was then that she saw Buck had allegedly “kicked and damaged both the passenger and driver side of her vehicle sitting in the driveway.”

Security footage reportedly confirmed her story and authorities saw the damage to her vehicle. Police located Buck and pulled him over for a traffic stop before taking him into custody. Young Buck has reportedly been released on bail.

This isn’t the first time Buck and his girlfriend have been the subject of headlines; back in 2020, he was arrested on domestic assault charges and his girlfriend was detained that year for allegedly shooting at him. In 2016, he allegedly threatened to burn down his girlfriend’s residence. Buck has not commented on this most recent incident.