Young Buck on Feeling Betrayed By 50 Cent

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g unit

G Unit was one of the most popular rap groups of the modern era dropping hit after hits under the lead of New York rapper 50 Cent. It seemed as if the deadly combination of east coast, west caost, and down south rappers would dominate the hip hop world for decades. However, that never transpired as the group imploded with beef amongst each other starting with The Game and 50 Cent. The two men formerly of G Unit recently both stated they would be down for a Verzuz to officially show the public there is no more beef.

Then there was a rift between Young Buck and 50 Cent. Young Buck addresses 50 Cent releasing a personal phone call that featured an emotional Young Buck. The interview was conducted by Vladtv and he reveals that he’s not ashamed of crying on the phone call with 50 Cent, who he considered a brother, and Young Buck added that he felt betrayed by Fif releasing the call to the world. Check out the segment below.