Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent About Rumored Transgender Relationship

Young Buck
Young Buck

Young Buck has made a pact that the internet is not going to break him with the latest antics set forth by 50 Cent and the circulating rumors. With today’s society with social media, rumors can fly and spread at an alarming rate. President Donald Trump made it into a buzz word claiming certain outlets spread “fake news”.

It seems that Young Buck is claiming that what’s happening to him at the moment. Allegations towards the rapper started when a transgender woman claimed having been in a sexual relationship with the G-Unit member for over three years. 50 Cent in his ongoing beef with Young Buck, took the time yesterday to published an alleged lover of Buck. The claims included a statement that “at least once a week” during their relationship.

The person also claimed Buck was a “side piece” at the time. Young Buck is once again vehemently denying these rumors and took to his Instagram to let the world know these rumors won’t break him.

The rapper has been promoting his new music throughout the renewed beef with 50 Cent but Curtis has even had something to say about that, filing for copyright infringement and removing one of his tracks from YouTube.