The murder of Young Dolph has the hip hop community once again in mourning.  Rappers are known to be great trolls in the world of social media such as 50 Cent and Tekashi 6ix9ne, but it appears it has caused a blurring of the lines when it comes to Soulja Boy. Prior to Young Dolph’s passing, Soulja Boy was antagonizing the Memphis legend on social media, responding to a claim made by the rapper about making over $100,000 per concert as an independent artist. Soulja called Dolph’s claims “cap” and proceeded to insult the rapper a few more times.An artist signed to Dolph’s label Paper Route Empire, Snupe Bandz, is sharing his alleged direct messages with Soulja Boy on Instagram.

“Clout chasing bitch,” wrote Snupe to Soulja Boy, which prompted a reply from Big Draco.

“Sorry to hear bout yo big homie,” responded Soulja. “Cut all dis shit out. It’s uncalled for. This my last time saying it. Like I said I Fuk wit y’all Boys idk where all dis lame Shit come from. Y’all n***az couldn’t take a fucking joke bruh. Who gives a damn if y’all signed to empire wtf.”

He went on to say that he had quit trolling Dolph before the rapper passed away, and believes that his crew has placed him in an awkward position now.

“I’m done trolling wit y’all N***az I was done before that Shit even happen,” added Soulja. “But if y’all keep coming for Me we not standing down. I’m sorry to hear bout da shit I truly am. But y’all needa chill fr. Y’all put me in a weird ass position. And y’all gotta stand on that. U think I don’t wanna say rip dolph but how can when y’all N***az keep threatening me. Y’all N***az stupid.”