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Young Dro Reportedly Arrested For Throwing Banana Pudding


Young Dro aka D’Juan Montrel is in jail. Hart is currently behind bars. He was taken into custody on July 5 for an altercation that involved banana pudding.

According to TMZ, Dro was arrested for throwing a plate of banana pudding at his girlfriend during an argument over money. Apparently, they both tossed meal items at each other during the dispute at their Georgia home. The 40-year-old entertainer is said to be facing 2 counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence.

Dro’s girlfriend reportedly did not want to press charges but officers still detained the Hustle Gang affiliate. He is currently being held on a $41,000 child support contempt order involving another woman. Hart supposedly has to pay $10,000 in order to be released despite claiming the issue is just a clerical error.