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Young M.A Responds To Her Being Sick & Lloyd Banks Goes Off


It’s been almost two years since Brooklyn MC’s last full-length project was called off, but she is buzzing online after a recent video of her in a barbershop looking ill and another video of her in a wheelchair in the store.

Young M.A, real name Katorah Marrero, has subsequently spoke out on the topic, defending the original person who shared the video. The clip shows the rapper sat in a hairdresser’s chair, showing off their new do.

In the video, the whites of Young M.A’s eyes appeared to have a yellowish tinge.Thousands of people expressed their concern for Young M.A’s health, while there was also conflict between those making jokes and those defending the “Ooouuu” hitmaker.

The video was originally shared by @fatsdabarber, with Young M.A reposting it to her Instagram Stories as reported by TMZ. It was then reshared to Twitter by @SaycheeseDGTL where it got over 7.7 million views.

Many people suggested that the 30-year-old rapper could be suffering from jaundice, which is a medical condition when the whites of someone’s eyes turn yellow. One of the causes of this is acute liver failure. In June 2021, Young M.A announced on Instagram she had checked herself into rehab to “lose this addiction.”

“Y’all got so much to say as if I’m trying to embarrass my dawg. She reposted my video if she didn’t want me to record she would have told me. Y’all don’t know our bond nor our friendship.”


@Fatsdabarber then addressed those worried about Young M.A’s health: “What y’all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that’s that. She didn’t have a haircut in a month and she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life which I did!!! Thank you sis for coming and rocking with me like always. Love ya.”

Seeing his explanation, Young M.A stuck up for her friend on her own Instagram Stories.


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