Young Thug Bond Delayed ( Livestream Video & Update)

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Atlanta rapper Young Thug was in court on Thursday for a bond hearing in his RICO gang case. Young Thug is accused by the Fulton County District Attorney of being a leader and organizer of the Young Slime Life street gang.

Young Thug’s legal issues are still ongoing, with the rapper’s bond hearing taking place today in a Fulton County courtroom.

In May, a judge delayed the decision on whether Young Thug (born Jeffery Lamar William) would receive bond until today (June 2), and now Young Thug’s legal team is fighting hard to ensure the 30-year-old rapper is granted bond. However, prosecutors are alleging that Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steele has a conflict of interest because he represents other co-conspirators connected to the indictment.

Despite saying he had great “concerns about a potential conflict” over the representation, the judge eventually agreed that attorney Steele can continue to represent Young Thug at this time.

11Alive news from Atlanta live stream of the day’s proceedings can be seen below.

According to journalist Joe Coscarelli–who was present in the courtroom–Young Thug’s lawyer gave an “emotional” statement about his potential removal from the case. Brian Steel said,

“I have been with Mr. Williams countless days, weeks, months and hours. I know his entire life. You want to talk about representation of a client? That is the bond of an attorney-client relationship.”

Although the judge allowed Brian Steel to remain on the case, he reportedly said that there would be a “strong possibility” in the future that they would have to reevaluate whether Steele could represent Young Thug in court.

Once given the approval from the judge to continue representing the “Hot” rapper, Steel began to argue for Young Thug’s bond plea. According to sources, attorney Steel is now arguing for,

“Thug’s bond/home confinement at one of four homes, promising: 24hr law enforcement presence, police dog searches, full video surveillance, all visitors patted down/wanded (incl women by a female officer), drug-testing etc.”

Music executive Kevin Liles appeared in court to testify on Young Thug’s behalf. Liles says they have the money needed to pay for police security to ensure the rapper will not flee the country if released on bond. Kevin Liles also stated that he’s,

“willing to back him personally and professionally”