Young Thug Requests Judge In RICO Case To Suppress Involuntary Interrogation

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The rapper is also requesting that the judge have computers and phones that were seized in the summer of 2015 and unlawfully searched returned to him.

As the YSL RICO trial nears closer, it seems Young Thug and his attorney Brian Steel are getting their affairs in order in hopes of getting the rapper his freedom back.

Though he was denied bond and is due to remain behind bars until January of 2023, the “Day Before” artist is said to be in good spirits, even somehow managing to show love to his rumoured girlfriend Mariah The Scientist and the late PnB Rock on his Twitter feed.

According to AllHipHop, the latest update from Thugger’s case reveals that he’s filed a motion requesting that the overseeing judge rule to suppress some statements he made while in police custody during an involuntary interrogation.

The Atlanta native’s lawyer has issued claims that two law enforcement officers interrogated his client in the Dekalb County Jail despite him never having waived his Miranda rights. According to Steel, Cobb County Investigator David Raissi and ATF Special Agent T. Cunningham placed the rapper in an interrogation room without his legal counsel’s permission, knowledge, or consent.

“All of [Young Thug’s] statements must be suppressed from the trial in the above-referenced case, and all witnesses must be instructed not to utter the fact that [Young Thug] made any statements which were not voluntarily made, were made in violation of his Constitutional right to counsel and made in violation of Miranda warning,” the filing declares.

“Additionally, no mention can be made that [Young Thug] was given the opportunity to speak with law enforcement since this is post-arrest.”

At the same time, it’s been noted that the 31-year-old has requested that the judge return computers and phones that were seized from his Sandy Springs, Georgia home in July of 2015 when he was handed felony charges.

Thug allegedly threatened a security guard at a mall prior to the incident, leading authorities to raid his house and uncover an assortment of drugs and guns. Ultimately, though, the charges were tossed when a trial ruled that the search was unconstitutional.

The devices taken were suppressed by written order in April of 2017 and intended to be returned to the YSL leader, but he never saw them again. They instead ended up being sent to a company called Cellebrite by Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Sprinkel to be searched.

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Steel has pointed out that there was no valid search warrant allowing this after the 2017 ruling, and that searching them in May of that year was a violation of Thugger’s “possessory interests in his lawfully obtained property that the prosecution had absolutely no legal right to possess.”

Ultimately, the end goal of this filing is for Judge Ural Glanville to suppress any statement Thug made during the aforementioned interrogation, as well as any evidence that may have come from his phones, hard drives, and computers.