Young Thug Throws Shade At Andre 3000 In T.I. Interview

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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Hip Hop has been around since the 1970’s and has gone through generation of rappers and this sometimes creates a generation gap. Just like any other genre, the scene has encountered many different sounds and cultural changes.

The New York rap scene set the stage for what we have today, but Andre 3000 along with Big Boi in the rap group Outkast helped to usher in a new region from Atlanta during the 1990’s.

Originally characterized in B-Boy gear, Andre 3000 would become known for his outlandish apparel. In recent years, Young Thug has been a hip hop artist who has caught people’s eye for his unique fashion sense. One would assume he would see similarities between himself and Andre 300, but that isn’t the case. In a recent interview with T.I., the artist explained his dislike of the Atlanta rap legend.

Tip asked whether or not, Young Thug, had adorned the infamous Jeffery dress for attention, he definitely denied the claim. He said it was simply just him purchasing a pair of Mason Margiela shoes and the dress happened to match it. “That shit was just that simple,” he laughs. “That motherfucka matched! It was not for attention. That’s on the holy bible, that’s on my kids.” T.I. mentions that Andre 3000 also happened to wear a dress and this is where he revealed his thoughts on the hip hop artist.

“I only did that for my generation though,” he explains. “I can’t rap you two Andre 3000 songs. I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life.” “You crazy,” replies T.I. “You’re missing out. Y’all need to work together. Your motherfuckin’ next move, just like you went and worked with Elton John–”

Thugger interrupts to clarify. “But the difference between Elton John and Andre is, to simplify it, Elton John likes to kiss ass, and Dre likes his ass kissed. Elton John like “Hey! I like you, I remember your first song, I remember Gucci first song, when Guwop getting out?’ He a fan type of n***a, to the point where I’m like ‘let’s do music,’ and he’s like ‘n***a bet!’ Andre more like, and this is his secretary ‘ey, tell the n**ga it’s Thug, n***a.”

T.I. reminded Thugger that Andre 3000 is rap ally, Thugger shakes his head. “No,” he bluntly exlaims. “He’s who ally? Yeah fuckin right. Why you don’t rap like him? You don’t talk like him, dress like him, look like him. You ain’t trying to portray none of that. I knew a few n***as that everybody tried to portray. There was one moment you thought you was Michael Jordan. Then there was one moment you thought you was Kobe.” “No!” responds T.I. “I’m not an athlete!”