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Star S3 Ep 18 – When the Levee Breaks

Star The ASAs finally arrive and Take 3 fights Amber Drake for the top spot; Alex prepares for her wedding, but someone from her past wreaks havoc on her big day; Star finally makes a decision about Davis; Carlotta continues to mend things with Rashad. ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK...

games people play

Games People Play Episode 3

Marcus lies to provide Vanessa with an alibi, but he wants something in return; Nia has to go full "tabloid" to make up for losing the Laila exclusive; Laila takes a dangerous assignment. ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK 2...


Star S3 Ep17 – Proud Mary Keep On

The girls must stay focused on the events leading up to the ASAs; Star and Noah struggle with parenthood while being in the spotlight; Cassie continues to manage Rashad's music career; Carlotta makes a shocking discovery. ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK 2...


Star S3 Ep15 – Lean On Me

ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK 2 ALTERNATE LINK 3 Simone and Alex prepare to compete against newcomer Amber for their ASA performance; Noah's father, Bobby, returns to help Noah with his sobriety and fatherhood; Miss Christine, Cousin Duke and Cousin Rashad come to town; Leon makes Cotton an offer....

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