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Frances-Anne Solomon – Shea Marie Diva & Podcast Episode 6

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Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 6 with Oscar Board Member & Award winning director Frances-Anne Solomon.

She speaks about Fox Soul and her controversial interview concerning the entertainment industry. The Trinidadian born director talks about Halle Berry, Ava DuVernay, and women who have paved the way for young women coming into the business today.

During the interview, we learn about Frances-Anne Solomon’s long journey of getting respect in the industry and breaking barriers for women. Frances-Anne Solomon was born in England of Trinidadian parents. She built a career in Great Britain  after getting an education in the Caribbean and Canada.

Solomon spoke about the cultural uprising in the United Kingdom during her days as host of the first ever Ebony television magazine in the country. She stated that riots occurred in the time period that was reminiscent to the protests around the world in 2020 for George Floyd.  She created independent films through her company Leda Serene Films in Great Britain before moving to Canada.


In the Great White North, she founded in 2006 the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival that handles and develops original content for the country and internationally. Frances-Anne Solomon and the company eventually created CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution Inc, which gives marketing and sales of Caribbean-themed films. She also explained during the interview launching CaribbeanTales-TV, a video-on-demand platform.

Solomon made waves with an interview with Fox Soul that is apart of the Fox television empire. During the controversial interview, Frances-Anne revealed her dissatisfaction with the politics surrounding Hollywood.  Eventually she would land a position as a Director member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a Director member.

Being in the business for decades, Solomon has seen some of the best directors up close and she gives them their flowers during the Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast.  She also discusses some of her projects and working with entertainers such as Russell Peters and Jamaica’s pioneering actor Leonie Forbes. Frances-Anne Solomon shows her appreciation for the actors/actresses/shows that paved the way for black entertainment today in the interview and also her social media such as the groundbreaking  sitcom The Jeffersons.


Frances-Anne Solomon speaks on why her projects about heroic Trinidadians Ulcric Cross and Claudia Jones were passion projects for her. She educates us on the civil rights activist and journalist that is the “Mother Of Carnival” in the United Kingdom.  As a child, she migrated with her family to the US, where she became known for her most profound work.

Solomon received some awards for her film about possibly the most decorated West Indian of World War II in Ulric Cross. The film has actors such as Joseph Marcell, who is famously known for his role as Geoffrey Butler on Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.


Learn more about this captivating woman in the video above or listen to the podcast below.


For more information on her projects and organization contact her though her website.