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Movies Every Student Should Watch

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Description: Movie nights are special at the college dorm, especially if you choose the right film to enjoy. Check out some of the most inspiring and alluring movies that will encourage you to study and will help you deal with the challenges.


Movies Every Student Should Watch

Studying at college is frequently complicated and tedious, especially when it comes to traditional classroom activities and tons of projects to deal with at home. Even the most ambitious and hard-working learners can sometimes get demotivated and lose the desire to continue studying. What is the way out of the situation? In fact, there are a few simple techniques students should practice in order to stay productive and effective, no matter what.

  • Have rest. Healthy eating, proper sleep, and regular exercise are integral parts of the healthy lifestyle of a student. Make sure you find time for all these activities, as they will help you stay afloat even in the most critical situations.
  • Get qualified help. The achievement of the desired academic success is frequently complicated. Therefore, you should not be embarrassed about getting professional help. Check out a comprehensive Ox essays review that will give you an idea of a beneficial essay writing platform and grant you awareness of the safety and anonymity of the experience.
  • Relish your free time. Finally, it is fundamental to have enough time for yourself. Do you love spending time playing games, watching movies, or just discussing interesting topics with your friends? Do what you like so that you can relieve study-induced stress and gain strength for the upcoming undertakings.

Do you struggle with any of these points? It takes time and devotion to break certain habits and establish new ones. However, the more you try, the more you succeed. Look through the list of the best movies for college students that will help you cope with the last point. Most of them are inspirational, telling about the challenges of student life and ways to overcome them. Thus, they do not only offer a chance to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening in good company but also help to learn important lessons.

The Social Network

There is hardly a college student who has never heard of this movie. Its release changed the lives of many learners for the better, as they realized that their dreams were not only dreams. It takes a little perseverance, time, and effort to transform ideas into reality. The unique story of Mark Zuckerberg and his success with the creation of social networks may encourage a lot of students who are currently struggling with their studies.

The Pursuit of Happiness

If you love movies based on real-life events, it may be the one for you to watch. An American bibliographic movie tells about a young businessman Chris Gardner. Is it possible to go all the way from a homeless salesman to an influential entrepreneur? Spend one of the nights watching The Pursuit of Happiness, and you will detect critical lesions about determination and willpower that change lives.

Lean on Me

It is another movie based on a true story of an unorthodox teacher who faces challenging life moments and overcomes job-related problems. There is nothing more encouraging and inspiring than watching a true story of a person who had the same problems and tribulations as you did.

Forest Gump

If you have never watched the movie, you should not miss a chance to do it now. It is a unique story of a man with a low IQ but an unbeatable desire to live and overcome fears. The story is not about a man who gives up and fails but one who faces challenges and finds ways to overcome them.

Therefore, if you have no idea how to stay inspired or you have problems dealing with overwhelming emotions, it is the exact movie that will add to your motivation. Finally, the man with little intellect gets the medal of honor for courage, inspired the iconic dance of Elvis Presley, and becomes a pro ping pong player.

Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is one of the brightest cosmologists and physicists of the day, who has always been struggling to be accepted in society. The film may be encouraging for those with special needs. It gives an idea of how to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

Freedom Writers

What is special about a life of a young teacher who struggles with the class? It is one of the movies that leave the most lasting impression on the students, as it reveals the challenges and tribulations young teachers face when they first come to the class. After watching the film, you will never approach your teachers the same way again, as your vision will change once and for all.

The Breakfast Club

What is friendship, and what is unique about it? The Breakfast Club is an extraordinary movie that tells the story of five students discovering the features and peculiarities of a true friendship in the most unexpected way. Different backgrounds, various life stories, and the same prison sentence result in a strong bond and important life lessons.

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