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Throwback – Noisey Says Worldwide Entertainment TV is Unofficial Netflix

Thursday Throwback with Noisey article in 2015 proclaiming WorldWide Entertainment TV as the Unofficial Netflix of Music Documentaries. This was off the back of the critically acclaimed “Before The 6: Now Or Never Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary” that debuted at the On Film Festival.

Click the play button above to watch the video with the documentary.


(WWETV) Worldwide Entertainment TV was created 2 years ago, but it has grown substantially in giving a wide array of entertainment to online audiences with underground talent from Toronto and Chicago with the help of our staff from both cities. Along with curating the best underground and rising talent from both cities our other staff continues daily to bring you the most relevant, most popular, most overlooked, and most entertaining news and videos from around the world.

However, this week it seems two bigger websites with longer tenure online for entertainment has taken shots at this website for unknown reasons. The first was SkeeTV hitting up our youtube channel and complaining to Google about us breaking the news and showing footage of The Game dissing Young Thug on their television show which we received from a live audience member at the event.

We were forced to remove the video that broke the news and ironically an hour later Complex Magazine Youtube Channel uploaded their news breaking video about the incident followed by SkeeTV releasing a promo for the incident that airs tonight in America. Now I wonder why other websites such as worldstarhiphop and other non website youtube channels were never hit with complaints about The Game footage (which is obviously fair use on our part when we broke the news/clip).


Then later this week Noisey wrote an article about the underworld scene of unnofficial music documentaries as you could see from the screenshots above.  Now the writer makes some very valid points about some of the documentaries mentioned, however there are also a lot of music documentaries that do give great insight from a third party perspective. One particular documentary is one that covers the death of Aaliyah which has interviews from professionals in aerodynamics who comment on the airplane aspects and show actual footage at the funeral from people who were mourning the 90’s r & b star in “Losing Aaliyah”.
The Los Angeles writer Michael Cragg is a freelance writer for Fader, The Guardian, Dazed, and other reputable entertainment sites, but he failed to understand how Worldwide Entertainment TV works by not contacting our staff. The documentaries in our WWETV FLICKS section includes contracted distribution with different companies who want to sell and promote their products on our website. The section not only includes music documentaries, but also other genres in film.

WWETV’s official production team is out of Toronto called Topshot Pictures who are currently working with a LA film maker on a Toronto Arts Council funded project called Now or Never: Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary Film which is debuting next month at the ON Film Festival.

 The documentary will include all new interviews from Sticky Green, Smugglaz, Dan-e-o, DRK (backup dancer for Maestro Fresh Wes and producer), Fonz of Dramatic Tracks (producer for many Toronto artists), Robin Banks, Sticky Green’s father (Vibes 1983 Juno Nominee), DJ Mel Boogie, Ryan Lord (Sunshine Sound Crew), live rarely if ever seen footage of Choclair, Maestro, Michie Mee, and Saukrates, and more.
The author of the Noisey/Vice article also failed to include the actual official Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop documentary series on WWETV’s Youtube Channel which has original content unlike some of the complaints about our WWETV Flicks section which has other independent film makers not associated with Topshot Pictures.
We do understand that Michael Cragg has a documentary of his own he is currently selling on ITUNES and is trying to distinguish his from the many others online, but a strong documentary will hold its own weight without trying to downplay others in our view. The irony of it all is one of Noisey’s representatives had spoken to us to contact certain Toronto artists for a documentary of their own on Jane-Finch rappers during the summer. We had given them notice of certain artists to look out for and they ended up interviewing said artist.
From All The Staff/Creative Team @


3 years later from this article WorldWide Entertainment TV launched its own streaming network. 5 years after the launch of the official WorldWide Entertainment TV website. We would like to thank all our visitors who have followed us through the years for sticking by us as we have developed into a global entertainment entity in different cities throughout the world.