DeMar DeRozan RIPS Raptors General Manager

Love Affair Over

Demar Derozan who many claim is the greatest Toronto Raptor in franchise history has officially made it clear there is no love lost anymore with his former team.

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Although technically it was the Raptors head office that was finished with Demar Derozan it stands to say that there seemed to be genuine love until now with the former Raptor.


DeMar DeRozan is not a fan of his former GM. Rick Strom, Denise Jones, Brett Erlich, and Jayar Jackson break it down in the video at the top  of  the page.

Derozan was told by Raptors’ brass earlier in the summer he would not be moved. This obviously did not occur and the NBA All-Star now feels betrayed by the team that once drafted him.


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Some other sports personalities do not feel the same way that Derozan does. Ex-NHL player Paul Bissonnette,  was asking Lucic if he was offended (in a similar vein to DeRozan) when Lucic was traded by the Boston Bruins to the Los Angeles Kings. Bissonnette commented that Lucic was not forewarned or called by the Bruins prior to the trade being reported publicly.

“No man. At the end of the day … it’s a business,” Lucic said. Unless you’re (Sidney) Crosby or (Connor) McDavid, or LeBron (James), you’re just another guy; you’re just another player. For me, I understood that they were trying to go in another direction. How could I be bitter? The success that I had personally, and the success that I had team-wise, the fans that I got to play in front of for eight years, I mean I got to be who I was in one of the best sports cities in North America for eight years. How could I be bitter for being traded? I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to play in the NHL for an Original Six team in the best sports city in North America. Going back to the DeRozan thing, when I hear him talk about the bitterness and the disrespect and all of that type of stuff it’s like, you didn’t get traded to frickin’ Cleveland, you got traded to San Antonio that’s a team that competes for a title every

single year, and you get to be coached by the Bill Belilchick of basketball with Gregg Popovich, and now you feel like you’re being disrespected? Come on, man. You’re still making 30 million dollars a year, living in San Antonio with no state tax. Like, give me a break. Nobody feels bad for you; f— off.”



“It’s been a great week for USA Basketball for me,” he said. “Being out here with these guys and hanging out and getting to talk and hang out with these guys and hanging out with DeMar and all those guys, it’s been fun.

“Summer has been great in general for everyone. Just to have the opportunity to relax and work on your game and prepare for the upcoming season.”

Those words above are from Kyle Lowry when asked about his former teammate. He seems to just avoid the whole messy scenario and focused his comments about USA basketball this summer when approached by reporters.

Speaking with CBC Sports, the two former teammates just chalked everything up to the NBA being a business first.

DeRozan said both players understand the league is about business.

“Kyle is Kyle, at the end of the day this is our profession,” DeRozan said. “We understand what comes with the job. It’s gonna be simple, we all gotta job and got responsibilities to take care of with our home team. What happened, happened. He gotta do what he gotta do for his team and I go to do what I got to do for mine.”