Popular Musicians That Supports Gun Control

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The right to own a firearm comes with a lot of responsibility. Many people, including famous musicians, understand this and have joined the fight for gun control in the United States. This aims to ensure that guns are kept out of the wrong hands. Still, the legal owners, on the other hand, should continue to enjoy the right to own a firearm without risking other citizens’ lives. Here is a list of popular musicians who have shown public support for gun control.

IMAGE SOURCE: https://unsplash.com/photos/7VJB8VZkvMk

Lupe Fiasco


The American rapper has spoken openly about gun control and even released a song titled “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free),” which discussed the issue. In an interview with The Guardian, he spoke about the need for more responsible gun ownership, expressing that he supports the second amendment, but it needs to be “better managed.”


He said, “It’s important to remember what the Second Amendment was there for in the first place: to facilitate a militia of non-disabled citizens who could defend their homes and communities if needed. It was never intended to arm citizens like they were in the Wild West. Interestingly, we still have gun laws based on this outdated idea of what was needed at the time, and it’s time for us to update them.”


He believes restricting access to guns could help minimize the number of mass shootings in America. He supports background checks for all gun purchases and expanding mental health awareness. This echoes the awake the rapper highland park shooting incident. The rapper, whose real name is Robert Eugene Crimo, III, was the person of interest in the fatal shooting. It’s clear what impact mental health concerns are sorted together with gun regulation laws.


Ariana Grande


The singer is one of the most vocal celebrities regarding gun control. She was at the March for Our Lives rally back in 2018 and made appearances at other events calling for change after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.


In an interview with Variety, Grande said she thinks the current gun laws are “not strict enough” and believes that background checks need to be more rigorous to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people with a history of mental illness. She also spoke about how she wants to see a ban on assault weapons.


“We need to ban automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and we need stronger background checks,” she said in the interview. “We don’t need more guns out on the streets – we need fewer, and I think most people would agree. We can still have gun ownership, but something needs to change.”


Eric Church


The country music singer has long been a proponent of gun control. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said that although he respects the second amendment, something needs to be done about guns to protect citizens from harm.


“I don’t care who you are, you shouldn’t have that kind of power,” Church said. “I think the bump stock is a nightmare. No one should have weapons that can fire 750 rounds a minute.” He also believes in closing loopholes that allow some gun purchases to go through without background checks.


“I’m into common sense laws,” he said. “We need to get rid of these loopholes. We should have to pass a test, wait a certain amount of time – I’m fine with that.”




The rapper, actor, and poet have long advocated gun control. He spoke at a press conference in March 2018 as part of the Everytown Gun Sense University program, which works to reduce gun violence through education. He discussed his views on gun laws and how they must be updated to meet current needs.


“I don’t think we should go back and repeal the Second Amendment,” he said. “That’s not what I’m saying, but we need stronger gun control laws.” He also expressed that guns should be kept out of the hands of people with a history of mental illness or violent behavior.


Common also believes gun control laws should be implemented nationwide rather than just in some states to reduce mass shootings. He said, “It’s too easy for someone to buy a weapon and stock up on ammunition. There needs to be nationwide legislation, so these guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.”


John Legend


The Academy Award-winning Legend has been a staunch advocate for gun control for many years. His commitment to this cause was demonstrated when he performed at the 2018 March for Our Lives rally and donated funds. He has openly discussed his belief that we need better gun control laws to prevent mass shootings and other gun-related crimes.


On The One Show in May 2022, he implored lawmakers to take stronger actions concerning firearm regulations. He declared that “When gun control laws are ineffective, it is distressingly easy for those who should not possess a weapon to obtain one.” His words were met with resounding agreement from the studio audience.


This was after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. He also advocated for increased background checks and a ban on assault weapons. The United Nations Human Rights High Note Global Prize winner, “Once again, our hearts are broken, and this shooting issue keeps repeating.”


Lady Gaga

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The pop star has been vocal about her support for gun control laws, often using her platform to speak out against gun violence. Gaga has long supported multiple organizations that advocate for gun control and participated in the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., back in 2018.


During an interview with Teen Vogue, she said that the current gun laws need to be updated to protect the safety of citizens. “Gun violence is a crisis, and we need our leaders to step up and do something about it,” she said. “We need them to have courage and pass common sense gun safety laws that keep weapons out of the hands of those who would use them to massacre innocent people.”


The gun control advocate community has applauded Lady Gaga for her dedication to reducing acts of violence involving guns. Not only does she believe that better regulations on firearms is key, but also educational initiatives to spread awareness and encourage responsible ownership. She believes these steps could help prevent future mass shootings from occurring.


These renowned vocalists are just some celebrities standing up for gun control. Seeing them utilize their fame and influence to voice out on such a significant issue is stirring, ultimately helping draw more attention toward the need for stricter gun regulations. Through their efforts and those of many other advocates, we can make a breakthrough in reducing gun-related violence.