Toronto Rapper WHYG Exposes Jamie Foxx Hollywood Parties!

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There have been stories about wild parties that have been thrown by Oscar award winning Jamie Foxx over the years, but are they true?


Jamie Foxx famously spoke about how he budgeted one time on a party with $400 to show Diddy how to ball on a budget. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, the comedian stated, “I would hang out and watch him throw parties. … He threw a party and said ‘Yo playboy, this party costs a million and a half dollars.’ I’m like, ‘you are out of your mind,'” he said. “I said ‘Puff, I will throw you a party for 400 bucks that will rival this party.'”

Foxx says Diddy was a bit offended at first but eventually went along with it the next time he was in Los Angeles. “He called and said ‘Yo, playboy I’m in town. Make it happen,’ so I said ‘cool,'” he said, adding that he went on to invite “200 of the coolest people” before Diddy finally arrived.

“I said ‘Puff, look over there on the dinner table, I got Kentucky Fried Chicken. I put it on a nice plate…I got Coca-Cola. I put it in a pitcher. We are at $208 and we are killin’ it right now,'” he said according to Complex.

Toronto rapper WhyG speaks about Foxx’s parties are known for taking pictures unknowingly of people after putting a “pen” in their drinks. This was his reason for not attending the party. He also talks about whether or not his home city of Toronto would be able to have a festival without any issues.

Jamie Foxx also speaks about a crazy story partying with Drake. “It was 2500 people, and I would say 2000 women counted… Drake shows up, it’s his first album, so the clothes didn’t fit, didn’t have the tailor yet… I had a drive-in poster of his picture with the pea-coat.”

The actor continued, “What I’ve always wanted to do is put artists in the same room,” he said in an interview with Complex, recalling early parties where he had Diddy come through and give motivational speeches on a mic. He also remembers meeting Jay-Z and Pharrell early in their careers at some of his parties.