Chromazz Allegedly Paid By Adam22 Of No Jumper For Services

Diva & Vixens- Karen Smith Post


The beef between DJ Akademiks and Chromazz continues as the hip hop media personality is making claims over Chromazz’ sex tape with Adam22 of No Jumper.

It was mere weeks ago when Chromazz started to trend again online after a sex tape was allegedly leaked. The video had an appearance with Chromazz with another woman and Adam22. She would go on to have an interview with No Jumper and proceed to put Toronto rappers and DJ Akademiks on blast.  The whole scenario left a bad taste in the media personality who cut ties with Toronto.


DJ Akademiks would catch wind of this conversation and decided to air out Chromazz in a reaction. He claimed that Chromazz was pregnant for the late Los Angeles rapper, Drakeo The Ruler.  He also put Chromazz on blast for claiming that he was spreading rumors of having sex with her. The whole ordeal was a messy situation that seemed to go away until now.

DJ Akademiks is now claiming that Chromazz was paid by Adam22 $1500 to have a sexual encounter. He describes the situation in the video below.