2Pac Wanted Relations with Lil’ Kim Instead of Faith Evans

Tupac’s ex girlfriend Desiree Smith has revealed information in an interview that Tupac Shakur wanted to sleep with Lil’ Kim originally instead of Faith Evans

Desiree claims that it was her idea for Tupac to go after Faith Evans instead because she felt she would be more vulnerable due to Biggie Smalls cheating on her with Lil’ Kim. She also felt that Lil’ Kim was more ride or die for Notorious BIG and would be a harder target. Tupac’s revenge plot was to sleep with Biggie’s “girls”. 

Desiree recalls the phone call she received from Tupac explaining he had sex with Faith and recorded music with her as well. This is a must listen and also confirms, according to Desiree, that Tupac indeed had sex with Faith Evans.

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