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Brooklyn Tea Talk with MLNY Talking Toronto, Media, & More

(WWETV Network) What happens when you put Brooklyn Tea Talk and @MLNY416 on the same show? Unfiltered talk about the Toronto scene in terms of the way artists treat their own city’s media and the need for Toronto to unify their outlets to help grow an infrastructure for urban entertainment. Maloney speaks about how he started in the media industry with the platforms Breaking Wreckords Radio and Turono Talks Podcast.

He describes his industry tips for artists on how to build rapport with media personalities in their city. Brooklyn provides a sounding off board for Maloney to rant about his frustration with the rap scene and what needs to be done to make it a unified front to present worldwide.

Brooklyn does not hold back on this episode and she tells the founder of Breaking Wreckords Radio and co-founder of Turono Talks her issues dealing with her city in regards to presenting the local scene in a media format.

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