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#OldSchoolSaturday – Classic Sitcom Secret Hook Ups – JEFFERSONS & GOOD TIMES

Ever speculate what characters in your favorite TV shows would hook up or have an affair? Well now we can talk about and see exactly how that would play out! Breakout the old Trinitron with the wire hanger antenna and the pliers to turn the channel where the broken knob used to be and lets check out… Classic Sitcom Secret Hook-ups!..Possibly.

Now after watching the video above it does make you question some things on these iconic shows. For instance the topic about Wilona and Thelma. Now there is a valid point being made.

There was a sit down with the cast a few years ago, where “James” (John Amos) flirted with “Wilona” (Ja’Net Dubois) for real. It was quite ironic don’t you think? LOL, seriously that was a direction they could have gone to write out James off the show if they wanted to. Pretty sure James would have been vilified by the fans of “Good Times” though.

There was an episode where Wilona took on the mother role of Thelma, while Florida was away. She had to step in when Thelma decided to move out the apartment.

Actress Marla Gibbs (as maid Florence Johnston) and actor Sherman Hemsley (as her boss, George Jefferson), appear together in the “Mr. Piano Man” episode of The Jeffersons.

In the scenario brought up with George Jefferson and Florence, it can be argued with two episodes there are possibilities of overstepping the line of employee and boss in terms of relations. In the episode below, Florence pretends to be the wife of George to impress an old high school rival. Louise strangely enough decides to go along with this plan.


In another episode, George Jefferson in desperate condition wants to acquire a new client for his dry cleaning business. The client takes a liking to Florence and George is ready to pimp out his maid. It is quite the relationship as that scenario probably would have made any maid quit working for The Jeffersons.

This has been #OldSchoolSaturday with Nic Rellek.