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Rihanna Not A Fan of Jay Z Teaming with NFL

The NFL has what they call "diversity" issues ever since the whole kneeling controversy by Colin Kaepernick to bring awareness to societal issues in America. Billionaire Jay Z signed a deal with the National Football and has turned some people off in his bid to work with the sports franchise's...

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Nicki Minaj Throws Cardi B Shade With New Twitter Photo

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have seemed to rekindle their beef once again. Nicki Minaj was on the "Joe Budden Podcast" and uttered sly words towards Cardi B. That caused Cardi B to have a subtle jab back on social media using receipts of her success to show it is...

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Layla Hendryx – Dripped Out Freestyle

It's #FemaleFriday and Toronto rapper Layla Hendryx returns to the music scene in the 6ix with the music video for "Dripped Out Freestyle".ALSO CHECK OUT THE TORONTO SECTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zD9pjIIUKM ALSO CHECK OUT THE VIXENS SECTION...


Normani Pays Homage To Classics in Her Debut Solo Music Video

It's #FemaleFriday & #FridayFlashback in Normani's debut solo music video. The former Fifth Harmony member served up some serious 90s and 00s nostalgia in her brand new video for "Motivation".ALSO CHECK OUT THE VIXENS SECTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKXSh14svlQ ALSO CHECK OUT THE MUSIC SECTIONCheck out the WWETV 6ix #FridayFlashback with Normandi on...


Trina Declares NO BEEF with Nicki Minaj

Trina kept her word and appeared on Instagram live to denounce anyone trying to stir up animosity with her and artists who have helped to contribute to her last album.She emphatically let it be known that she has no beef at all with Nicki Minaj and thanked everyone who did...

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Nick Minaj Calls Rick Ross A Fat Ass For Dissing Her

Nicki Minaj is clearly throwing shots at anyone she felt has dissed her in the past. On Queen Radio, she let Joe Budden know exactly how she felt about his past allegations of her being addicted to drugs and more.Then Nicki Minaj appeared on Joe Budden's Podcast and threw fire...

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Cardi B Brings The Receipts For Nicki Minaj

During Nicki Minaj's celebration of her 1 year anniversary of Queen Radio, the top selling female rapper got into a heated discussion with Joe Budden over Cardi B. She subsequently kicked Budden off the air for his remarks. Nicki Minaj then went onto Joe Budden's show later on in the...

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Cardi B Talks With Bernie Sanders About Minimum Wage

Cardi B continues on her ambitious plans to make a change in the American system. She recently blasted President Trump on Instagram about the way he is running the country.Now her latest political stance on Instagram involves a quick conversation with Bernie Sanders. She voiced her displeasure with the minimum...


Trina States She Will Address Nicki Minaj Comments

Trina went on Twitter late Tuesday night to make the proclamation that she does not need anyone to speak for her. She states that she will address the situation and not repeat herself on Wednesday on Instagram Live.WWETV Now looks at the issue that has caused this tension where Trina...

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