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Bucks Owner Daughter Trolls Drake With Pusha T Shirt

As things get down to the finals of the NBA season approaching, the rivalry heats up even more between Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. On Thursday (May 23), Mallory Edens — the daughter of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens — made it be known she was not playing around with the...


Snoop Talks Drake & Raptors VS . Bucks

The iconic west coast hip hop artist Snoop Dogg was in Toronto this week. He showed his full support for the city's team and for its star player Kawhi Leonard. It was a sight to see the known Lakers fans adorned in Raptors attire. WWETV Host Brooklyn took time to...


Drake Gets Called Out By Milwaukee Bucks Coach

Drake recently received a gift from the Toronto Raptors for being the official global ambassador. He always shows his full support on the court, but this has not sit well with the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. "I don't know of any person attending the game that isn't a player...

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Drake Responds To Claims Of Being UK Culture Vulture

Drake addressed an issue that some UK artists are claiming that he is a UK culture vulture of their music scene. WWETV spoke with a couple of artists and asked the question concerning some in Europe feeling Drake was exploiting their culture and youth. WWETV had exclusive interviews with TDNB...

Hip HopInterview

Drake Talks About SNEAKBO Inspiring His ALBUM ‘TAKE CARE’

Sneakbo & Drake Drake recently brought out UK artist Sneakbo on his show during the European leg of his tour. Drake has been a fan of Sneakbo going back a few years. He describes how Sneakbo inspired his "Take Care" album below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twNV2ItVBcY Take Care is the second studio album...

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