The Bobby Brown Story Recap

The Bobby Brown Story mini-series on BET Networks had quite the roller coaster of emotions on the two nights it aired. We give you our thoughts and also reactions from people around the world.

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New Edition had critical acclaim and record numbers for the airing of its mini series that covered their trials and tribulations in their journey in the entertainment world. Originally, the crew from Boston wanted it to be a theater release a decade earlier. However, time and destiny had other plans as it ended up being told on BET in a surprising manner that raised the bar for future biopics of musical artists.

BET Networks also had the opportunity to create its own little world with the New Edition legacy as the story of Bobby Brown also came to be. Many people figured that it may have been more dramatic than the successful New Edition Story with all the drama with his wife, daughter, and deaths of his family members back to back.

We see the transformation Bobby Brown made when he was kicked out of the group New Edition. His first album sales were decent, but Brown wanted to be bigger. He wanted the new sound of the day which was the more hardcore street production that resonated with the rising hip hop genre. In many ways Brown helped to incorporate hip hop and some say R & B years later would not be the same again due to the heavy usage by younger generations using hip hop in their rhythm and blues.

Bobby Brown’s women problems are shown early as he becomes a teenage dad. His love of the women is also highlighted where he cheated on his baby mother with different women. One that stood out was Whitney Houston, but ironically she wanted all the heat that came with Bobby Brown’s baggage. She would later be pregnant at the same time as Bobby got his baby mother pregnant as well.

The first night one of the big revelation to many was the mention of Bobby Brown actually dating Janet Jackson. It was written in his book “Every Little Step” that the reason for their break up had to do with Joe Jackson not wanting his daughters to bring home dark skin black guys from the ghetto to the Jackson family household.

The book also stated that Bobby Brown after being told this kicked Janet Jackson outside the hotel room butt naked. He eventually gave her a towel to cover up, but the movie scenario didn’t go to that extent for obvious television reasons. It would have been a truly television moment if that was included seeing “Penny” from “Good Times” getting that sort of treatment.


Ironically enough, in a throwback interview from 1989 Bobby Brown confesses his love for Janet Jackson on BET. He stated how he was in love with her ever since seeing her on “Good Times”.

In later years, Bobby Brown would appear on “The Steve Harvey Show” and explain how his heart was broken from Janet Jackson. Now this is interesting as in the movie it is also portrayed that Brown was so hurt from his celebrity crush that he didn’t want to date another woman from the world of entertainment due to the following scene.

A scene shows the two icons  in bed  with Brown stating “I mean, we obviously got feelings for each other,” McClain, playing Brown, says to Cree David, who plays Jackson. “Are you really about to marry him and just keep me on the side?”

The idea of not dating any other celebrity went right out the window when he met his future wife at an awards show. The crazy dynamic of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston started from a chance meeting. In future years, Bobby Brown has publicly stated that his career went downhill after meeting Houston. In the 2 night matinee with we see how putting these two together was a powder keg pun intended ready to blow. Now it seems that Bobby Brown first found out that Whitney Houston sniffed cocaine on the day of their wedding.

It is not spelled out if after that incident is when Bobby Brown started or not. The Story Of New Edition there was a scene of Bobby Brown missing in action when he was suppose to be with his group where he was stuck in a car with women sniffing cocaine.

Of course, this is all Bobby Brown’s version of the ending of his marriage and Whitney Houston is no longer here to tell her tale. However, it can’t be denied there were powerful scenes and statements made in this movie about private life vs. public life for celebrities. We see Bobby Brown’s roots from the ghetto having issues that were plaguing America at the time and still to this day with teenage pregnancy. He later starts dating an older woman with tremendous star power. He had to deal with also the disruption of his group of friends in New Edition which led him to go solo.

Although Bobby Brown would end up selling more records than New Edition combined back in the late 1980’s it can be argued that brotherhood may have kept Bobby Brown from straying too far. The Bobby Brown Story we see at the height of Bobby Brown’s fame that he threw it all away once he got married. This is not to blame it all on Whitney Houston, but it can’t be denied the work ethic was not the same, while his childhood friends found ways to reinvent themselves such as BBD. We did see glimpses of the whole New Edition at times though and if only the crew could have helped each other from falling to the negative vices associated with the celebrity world.

The relations with Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford was also explored in the movie. According to People Magazine they have confirmed that Whitney Houston had a lesbian relationship.

“I was 16 and we were working at summer jobs and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is really going to be a trip this summer — I don’t have any friends,” Houston said in an interview that aired in the documentary Whitney. “And then here comes Robyn with this beautiful, beautiful afro. She was tall and very statuesque and I was like, ‘Wow man.’ She stood up for me. I remember thinking I’ve known this person seems like all my life.”

Documentary director Kevin Macdonald told PEOPLE in July “that they were romantically involved.” He said, “As a teen, Whitney ran from her mother’s house into the arms of Robyn.”

“Robyn loved Whitney,” Houston’s agent Nicole David said. “She was also very young and probably not equipped to withstand the slings and arrows. Do I believe it was a sexual relationship as well? I believe it was.”

Bobby Brown was notorious for sleeping around and had the anthem “Humping Around” as his lead single to one of his albums in the early 90’s. It was alluded to in the mini series that Whitney Houston had cheated too, but we did not hear with whom. According to Bobby Brown’s book Tupac Shakur slept with Houston when they were married.

The biggest tragedy in the whole movie is no doubt Bobby and Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. Being the child of famous parents is hard enough without all the personal demons, but Kristina had it intense and probably not understanding the pressures she was going through were not normal for kids her age in that level of stardom.

The break up of her parents as is normal for kids was very hard on Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown didn’t seem to have too much contact with his daughter due to the tension between himself and Whitney. Bobby Brown in the film was told by his daughter that her and Whitney moved on because he had moved on to a new woman whom he had known years before Whitney Houston. She seems to have been his comfort in that hard transition of breaking away from Whitney Houston.

What was indeed touching was seeing Whitney Houston being family through and through and appearing at the funeral for Brown’s mother. Being the world class singer that she was performing that day must have been consoling for those in attendance. Brown would soon after find out his father would pass as well.

The Bobby Brown Story was fascinating in seeing how the public eye and the entertainment world’s machinations could both play mind games on the celebrities and also the fans. The pressure to keep up appearances and also to live with the positive and negative of the media’s presentation on your life which created the big blow up fight in the movie after Houston felt humiliated by the press she received for doing the reality show with her husband. The story behind the  popular Diane Sawyer interview where Whitney Houston first admitted her drug habit and stated the now infamous line “Crack Is Wack”.

The featured video at the top of the article shows the big fight scene that led to the end of their relationship. Bobby Brown’s character told the Whitney character that people didn’t know the real her until the reality series and that people liked her  simply because she was extremely talented singer and the image that Miles Davis constructed for her. It’s sad that these characters were real people that lived it with only one left standing to tell the tale.

The comment was made to Whitney Houston after she accused him of causing her downfall in the public eye, but Bobby Brown retaliated back stating that people started hating him because they felt he was smooching and using the princess of r & b. The story is what Hollywood movies are made of. Woody McClain who portrayed Bobby Brown(also in New Edition Story) and Gabrielle Dennis who played Whitney Houston did great jobs in showing the world these icons in a biopic.

We also see a scene that implies that Whitney Houston lost a baby. However, Bobby Brown failed to include what is in his book about the scenario.

“I’m no medical doctor, but she was not acting like a woman who was in the throes of mourning a lost baby. As a matter of fact she was back to filming just a couple days after it had happened. I never saw any evidence of her pregnancy or her miscarriage, so I started to think the entire story was a ruse created by her PR teamWhen I confronted her about it, she was insistent. ‘Bobby! Yes, I was pregnant!’ she said. But I didn’t believe her. To this day, I believe her pregnancy was a story that was concocted by her people to explain to the public why she would marry Bobby Brown.”

As Houston told the Washington Post in 1992, “Bobby had an image, and I had an image… He was this bad boy and I was this good girl singing in a beautiful dress, and never the twain shall meet.”

Not everyone was thrilled with the re-imagination of Bobby Brown’s story as his sister has let it be known that she is not happy with the portrayal. “THE FAKEST MOVIE I EVER SEEN!” Brown Muhammad wrote on Facebook after viewing the biopic. “THAT IS NOT ALICIA!” Brown Muhammad as she blasted the wife of Bobby Brown since 2012.

“Paleeeeeeeez! Spare me that laugh! Such a liar! I’m wondering what is the motive for all this? I read well though… and trust I’m not dumb! Listen, Alicia if you think for one minute that you are going to kill my brother and get away with it guess what? All I can say is you better stay prayed up!”

“Are you kidding me! Hell no I’m not shutting up! You know this bitch turns her nose up at any and every damn body that dam knows you.”

Family first!! Bobby why are you all lying for her!???? She’s evil! You are sleeping with the devil!Yes she did hate her because EVERY SINGLE TIME She wanted to spend time with her father after her mother passed.. Alicia would not let it happen without her there!

Bobby Brown and his wife have yet to respond to the allegations that Alicia prevented Brown from seeing his daughter with Whitney Houston. The movie itself ends on that somber note of the passing of his daughter and his plans not coming to fruition to spend more time with her and also work on music together. She had revealed to her father that her talented mother was coaching her. The movie ends as we start as death opens up the mini series when we see Brown witnessing the murder of his friend in Boston. Brown would also witness the murder of his sister’s fiancee.