Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Dividing America?

Nike Just Did It

Colin Kaepernick took a stand against America by taking the now infamous knee bow at the start of a NFL game during the National Anthem. He lost his job, but now Nike years after has given him one in a commercial.

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Today the Nike commercial is officially airing on network television during the NFL season opener on Thursday (September 6). The phenomenon of the internet obviously had the debut go viral with memes galore.


For instance 50 Cent took to the gram to make fun of Kanye’s infamous “Slavery Was A Choice” turning it into a meme.

kanye west

The topic has created a heated discussion in America. ESPN’s First Take took to the air to speak about it. Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate what the impact will be on Nike for having Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign.