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Legends & Icons Episode 2 – Reelworld Film Festival

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(WWETV Network) The second episode of new WorldWide Entertainment TV series, “Legends & Icons”, sees WWETV 6ix coverage of the 19th annual Reelworld Film Festival in Toronto.

Host DT The Artist speaks with various personalities at the event which include actors, film reviewers, and the head of the festival who is Tonya Williams formerly of the soap opera Young and The Restless.

During the multiple day festival, we saw the premieres of films such as “The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw” which takes a look at the life of a Canadian women heading back home from the big city to live with her parents on a Native Reserve.

A “Who’s Who” of Canadian talent appeared and also important figures who are prominent in Canada’s government structure such as the Lieutenant Governor of Canada, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, who left kind words for the organizers of the event.

Lieutenant Governor & Tonya Williams

Over the course of the festival awards were also given out to the trailblazers of Canadian film for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color). WWETV 6ix was able to interview trailblazer Emmanuel Kabongo.


Film reviewer MohitRajhans explained the importance of promoting an event that supports minorities and how perspectives have formed in changing the industry due to its impact.

You can stream part 1 of the coverage of the event starting at 7:00pm est on WorldWide Entertainment TV Network. The Free View Password: Fall Season

It will also be a Youtube Premiere at the same time below!