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#WCW – Tonya Williams Talks Launch of Tyler Perry Studios


(WWETV Network) Tonya Williams is an established Hollywood actress who has received Emmy and NAACP awards for her work in the entertainment industry. She recently spoke with WorldWide Entertainment TV in Toronto about founding the Reel World Film Festival.

During the latest interview to promote the event, she took time to congratulate Tyler Perry on opening his own film studios in Atlanta.

“I clearly believe that I’m ignored in Hollywood, for sure, and that’s fine. I get it,”

Tyler Perry on CBS This Morning

Perry told Gayle King in an interview for “CBS This Morning” ahead of the opening of his new film studio Tyler Perry Studios, which he owns outright.

Tonya Williams explains the importance of believing in yourself with investments and giving back to your community. Stay tuned for more of the exclusive interview from Tonya Williams as she prepares for the 2019 Reel World Film Festival that takes place October 17th – October 21. WWETV interviews with directors from the film are also coming soon!