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T.I. Details History Of Trap Music

A new documentary entitled REVELATIONS goes in depth with Tip Harris in Atlanta, Georgia. T.I. takes you on a historical journey that looks t the Trap Music Museum and how the genre reshaped the world of hip hop. T.I. makes it apart of his mission to educate people on the...

cardi b

Cardi B Teams with Senator Bernie Sanders

Cardi B has taken her influence and uses it to let people know about her views on the current President Trump. She has told her followers to go out and vote to prevent a repeat administration. She is putting action along with her words.We will soon see a video with...

wwetv vixens diva

Stripping Is A Dead End Road? – LightSkinKeisha Speaks

LightSkinKeisha is a rising artist in the music industry. She recently had an interview with VladTV and spoke on various topics. The artist who is signed to LA Reid's label lays it out all by explaining how she built herself to becoming a personality and artist. LightSkinKeisha is compared to...

female rappers

Megan Thee Stallion Asks Who Is Jermaine Dupri?

Jermaine Dupri is a legendary producer that helped shape the hip hop scene in Atlanta when he released female rapper, Da Brat, on the world in the 1990's. However, his recent remarks about the current day women rap scene has left a sour taste on certain people's mouth. Megan Thee...

lil kim nicki

Lil Kim Gave Shade to Nicki Minaj Before She Blew Up?

Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio has been a success on Beats 1 and she has released the latest episode 14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY75L4cvAT4&feature=youtu.be I remember the times when you were in the room with @LilKim and she walked away from you!” https://twitter.com/try_marsh/status/1154868859930861568 The broadcast had some gems like the quote above by Waka...

geto boys

Bushwick Bill’s Son Responds To Willie D’s Interview

During an interview with Geto Boys member, Willie D, the rapper informed fans there was no love lost between him and the late Bushwick Bill (Richard Stephen Shaw) to VladTV. Willie D didn't stop there with his revelations. Willie talked candidly about Shaw's reported issues with substance abuse.With tension already...

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