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Omarion Baby Mother Apryl Jones Speaks On Sex with Lil Fizz

Apryl Jones has been involved in controversy because of her getting together with her babyfather, Omarion, friend and B2K group member Lil Fizz. The backlash has been strong as the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood approaches in mere weeks. She has given a new interview describing her...

love and hip hop

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S8 Ep 18 – Winner Take All

Mimi and Faith get caught up in Stevie and Ty's beef; Joc plots a happy ending with Kendra; Scrappy comes to terms with his car accident; Pooh and Sierra collide at Spice and Akbar's session; Karlie arrives at a crossroads. Show Summary of Season 8 Episode 18 ALTERNATE LINK 1...

love and hip hop

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S8 Ep16 – Do Not Engage

Kendra gets wind of the scandalous rumors about Joc; insensitive comments spark an emotional argument between Spice and Shekinah; Tokyo goes missing; Scrapp struggles to break the cycle; Akbar finds common ground. ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK 2...

love and hip hop

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S8 Ep11 – Excess Baggage

The crew arrives in Trinidad; Karlie checks Tokyo and Shekinah; Joc, Kirk and Scrappy go on a jungle adventure; Pooh airs out Karlie's dirty laundry; Akbar and Scrapp help Che through a personal crisis. ALTERNATE LINK 1 ALTERNATE LINK 2...


Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Call It Quits

Cyn Santana - Joe Budden The relationship between Joe Budden and Cyn Santana has been speculated over the last few days as being shaky. Cyn Santana had fans wondering what was going on as she removed all traces of Joe from her social media platforms. The speculation by many was...

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