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Is Drake Bigger Than Michael Jackson? Social Media Debates

SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS - Keisha Wray Article

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Is Drake in 2021 bigger than Michael Jackson at his peak? A Twitter post by RapTV has caused social media to give their thoughts on the two pop artists who have broke records in the music business.

Fat Joe stated a few months ago that Drake was the Michael Jackson of his generation. Fresh off his Verzuz showdown with Ja Rule, Fat Joe was caught having dinner with the Toronto hip hop artist along with the likes of DJ Khaled. This may have caused some people to remember Fat Joe’s statement a while back. Social media is once again debating and the comments are strictly for the argument or against it with no middle ground.

A facebook post has been shared across the platform that has given strong points into why Michael Jackson is incomparable. The information in the post claimed some of the following, “According to Guinness World Records Michael is the best entertainer of ALL TIMES , he is the MOST AWARDED artist of all TIMES , he was actually crowned a real King in the Ivory Coast and he was awarded as the artist of the decade by President Bush in 1989 , The BAD tour still holds the World Record Guinness for the tour with the largest paid audience, 125 million $, and Thriller is still the top selling album of ALL TIMES , which outsells many of Elvis’ albums combined.”

Check out the full post below.

Back in the spring of 2010, Drake had a premonition that he would become a Michael Jackson like figure. On the song “Over”, Drizzy rhymed the following lyrics.

Got the gold thriller, Mike Jackson on these #@@###as
All I need’s a #$$@Sing red jacket with some zippers

It’s an interesting take to look at the career of both men and their huge accomplishments. However, when one with historical acumen analyzes the generations, the two may not be similar as some think for their record numbers.


Michael Jackson came onto the scene as a child prodigy who learned his craft with his brothers on what was called the “chitlin circuit”. In Drake’s rise to greatness he hit stardom after using the internet and the mixtape circuit to gain attention. He would eventually get the ears of iconic rapper, Lil Wayne, who would give a Toronto artist a chance for fame that no one from his city would get with the exception of Kardinal Offishall with Akon a couple years earlier.

A young Michael Jackson would get the attention of Motown Records boss, Berry Gordy, who was looking for a voice to represent young America during the civil rights movement. MJ was a standout in the Jackson 5ive group and rivaled some of the biggest acts in history (Marvin Gaye and Dian Ross as an example) that were apart of the label. The songwriter for the label, Smokey Robinson, once stated he was a old soul in a child’s body.

A Twitter user pointed out the age of both Drake and Michael Jackson at 16 to compare where they were at in their lives as teenagers.

Beyonce has been in discussion of being Michael Jackson‘s equal with some people like Wendy Williams saying the former Destiny’s Child star has surpassed her childhood hero. Of course, social media had to make mention of Drake and Beyonce in this constant back and forth. The one thing that is undeniable is the comparison between MJ and Beyonce as child stars leading their respective iconic groups.


A comparison of numbers by some fans shows that it may be an apples and oranges comparison that isn’t fair to either artist as you can see in the posts below. Spike Lee’s Bad 25 Documentary made a startling statement on how Michael Jackson’s work ethic as a child could not be duplicated today because it’s not even legal for a a child to perform like MJ did at the age of 5-16. Also from a global reach standpoint, Drake’s rapping may not go over well in countries such as India, Africa, Japan, Germany, Australia, England, Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica, and Sri Lanka with differing age brackets due to rap being more youth oriented with its topic and delivery.


The debate moved from the Twitter thread to a trending topic that had other users chiming in. Jemele Hill reposted from Bossip and was in agreement with their stance of Drake not being at Michael Jackson’s level.

What are your thoughts on this cross generational debate on these two artists? It is interesting that modern social media has a generation gap that may not understand the climate for both these artists in their prime popularity. One would have to think that Michael Jackson’s impact on the game still resides simply from the artistic level he took the art form of visuals to match the audio. He helped to break racial barriers on MTV. Drake did take hip hop into a new direction after being driven by Kanye West who took the wheel from the gangsta era of rap led by 50 Cent.


As stated above, if one is being truthful this is an apples and oranges comparison. In my opinion, Michael Jackson with his longevity and recreating himself in different decades which included what some called the golden age, the artist with greatest impact on multiple levels is the son of Joe Jackson. What are your thoughts on this topic?