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Toronto’s Popular 6ixBuzz TV IG Getting Cancel Culture By City?



Earlier today, 6ixbuzz which is a  popular Instagram platform for the city of Toronto with over one million followers, posted a Toronto Sun cover story that was less than flattering of recently murdered Toronto rapper Houdini. The Jane and Finch region hip hop artist is well beloved in the city and many feel 6ixbuzz should not have posted the newspaper outlet which has a history of conflicting articles on rappers and the African-Canadian community.

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It seems that the outlet upset even more people when Toronto’s iconic music video and movie director who has worked with some of the city’s best such as Drake, posted to the Instagram his frustration with Toronto Sun’s lack of respect for those involved in the hip hop coummunity. 6ixbuzz had followed suit by calling the Toronto Sun a trash platform, but many called out 6ixbuzz for the same tactics. Some are even believing that 6ixbuzz works with law enforcement and the Toronto Sun which some are linking to how the outlet even came up with the headline of “Who Made Houdini Vanish” and Toronto citizens are up in arms.

The owner of the platform had been a mystery for so many people in the country of Canada, but on this day the cat was let out of the bag on Twitter supposedly by a user. Some believe it is also a joke, but nevertheless  the outlet is facing heat all over social media.

6ixbuzz tv real owner is Abraham Tekabo. He is the biggest scum of Toronto and makes people work for free and doesn’t give any credits to content creators or other pages he takes content from such as waveroom, 6ixwars and real toronto newz