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What Happened To ‘George Jefferson’ From ‘The Jeffersons’?

Actress Marla Gibbs (as maid Florence Johnston) and actor Sherman Hemsley (as her boss, George Jefferson), appear together in the "Mr. Piano Man" episode of The Jeffersons.

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On this episode of Comedy Hype, the cast takes a look at the historic hit sitcom, ‘The Jeffersons’ and the life and career of Sherman Hemsley and his time as George Jefferson. The veteran actor would become a household name before his untimely passing.

Throughout the decades, black family life has been portrayed on television through different lens that show the diversity of American life. From the 80s with the iconic Cosby Show to recent times with black-ish, to the pioneering shows such as Good Times and The Jeffersons.

It can’t be denied that the characters of James Evans and Cliff Huxtable made great impact on how fathers of black families were portrayed on television. However, none were successful as the affluent George Jefferson that was played by Sherman Helmsley.

Ever since his debut on the all time classic sitcom, All In The Family, George Jefferson pierced through television screens across the world and changed the entertainment world’s vision of a black man forever. The man behind the character was the complete opposite and Comedy Hype does a great job delving into this iconic comedian in the video above.